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April 2010



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Updated Paper Pricing

PURCHASING POWER -- WMSPC's environmental impacts

Your Feedback

Free Energy Audits in Grandwalk


Dear WMSPC Member,

Please take a moment to read about some upcoming endeavors and exciting opportunities related to sustainable purchasing and energy efficiency.

Jan/San products
Over the next couple months, WMSPC will be sending out a Request for Information (RFI)about sustainable Jan/San products to our distribution list of suppliers. If you know of a manufacturer or distributor to whom we should be sure to send the RFI, please be sure to let me know by sending an email to plevin @ delta-institute.org with the subject WMSPC jan/san supplier.

We are particularly interested in learning about suppliers that carry jan/san products which meet LEED's sustainability criteria. In addition to brokering discounts for WMSPC members, we plan to offer detailed information and reports about products' environmental characteristics.

Help us Build Membership
If you know Facilities Managers, Building Owners, Office Managers, and LEED AP's, please encourage them to become a WMSPC member so that they can buy sustainable products at great prices.

The Power of Group Purchasing
By taking advantage of WMSPC pricing, you add to the purchasing power of the group, help drive the market for environmentally preferable products, and thereby help reduce negative environmental impacts in West Michigan. Please take a look at the Purchasing Power section of this newsletter to see how your purchases translate into environmental terms.

Events, etc.
Lastly, please email plevin@delta-institute.org to share relevant events or other newsworthy items that should be added to wmspc.org and the next e-update. Or, if there's a product category you'd like to take the lead on with some help from us, get in touch.


Paula Levin
WMSPC Administrator
Delta Institute
plevin @ delta-institute.org
T: 312.554.0900x17  W: www.wmspc.org
Transforming the Great Lakes region into the
vital center of an emerging green economy.


Updated Paper Pricing


Due to manufacturers' price increases across the industry, Quimby Walstrom has had to raise the price of 30% and 100% Post Consumer Waste Recycled Content Paper.

As of April 1, 2010, the new pricing for WMSPC members will take effect:

8.5 x 11 Husky Recycled Xerocopy Paper will now cost $35.08 per carton.
8.5 x 11 Boise ASPEN 100 will now cost $41.40 per carton.

To view the entire list of products and updated pricing, please log into your account and click on Paper Products & Pricing in the left hand margin.

PURCHASING POWER - WMSPC'S Environmental Impacts


Between October 1, 2008 and March 31, 2010, WMSPC members have purchased over 226,000 lbs. of recycled content paper.

When compared to this quantity of virgin paper (using the Neenah Paper calculator), this translates to saving:

  • 391,126 lbs. wood. A total of 1,249 trees that supply enough oxygen for 625 people annually
  • 571,151 gallons of water. Enough water to take 33,206 eight-minute showers.
  • 395 million BTUs energy. Enough energy to power an average American household for 1585 days.
  • 118,589 lbs emissions. Carbon sequestered by 1,376 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.
  • 34,677 lbs solid waste. Trash thrown away by 7,538 people in a single day.

Be sure to check out the variety of 30% PCW colored paper offered by Quimby Walstrom to WMSPC members at discounted prices.

To view all your options, Log In at www.wmspc.org and click on "complete list of Quimby products."



Your Feedback


In order to grow WMSPC and its huge potential to generate demand for sustainable products and lower prices, we want to know what YOU want!

Purchasers, Building Owners, Facilities Managers, Office Managers, and LEED AP's, please take a few minutes to complete this survey!


Free Energy Audits in Grandwalk


Delta Institute and the Right Place have received funding from the State of Michigan to revitalize the GrandWalk Community Partnership.  As a result, the Community Partnership can offer 5 free energy assessments to local businesses, schools and churches within the GrandWalk area. 

The application process is very simple and the process is straightforward!
An energy auditor will conduct a 2-3 hour walk-through of the facility, collecting information on the building envelop, HVAC systems, lighting, etc.  Additionally, each assessment will include a utility bill analysis and the establishment of an Energy Star Portfolio Manager account for each facility.  Upon completion of the assessment report, the energy auditor will meet facility staff to discuss the audit findings and identify helpful resources.  Facilities are under no obligation to implement any measures recommended in the assessment report.
Benefits of Participation
Participation in the Grandwalk Community Partnership is
completely voluntary and free of charge.  Added benefits of participation include:

  Identify inefficiencies within facility
  Reduce operating costs and improve business competitiveness
  Positive public relations and enhanced community image
  Networking within like-minded individuals
  Learn how to implement sustainable practices within your business
  Help develop a national model for sustainable community development


For more information and an application, contact:
Todd Parker
600 W St. Joseph Ste 1G
Lansing MI  48933

Contact Information


Paula Levin
WMSPC Administrator
312-554-0900 x17


The West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium (WMSPC) is committed to developing and providing access to professional procurement contracts that support sustainable purchasing in the West Michigan community. Key goals of the WMSPC, particularly for the lower Grand River watershed area, include improving regional environmental quality and stewardship, growing local economies, and increasing social responsibility.



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