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WMSPC Update
news and information from the West Michigan
Sustainable Purchasing Consortium

4 September 2009



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PURCHASING POWER -- WMSPC's environmental impacts

WMSPC in the News


Dear WMSPC member,

Thank you for joining WMSPC. We now have over 90 members and continue to grow!

We are pleased to announce that WMSPC now has an additional product category to offer you at discount pricing: deicing chemicals. With winter approaching, we hope you will consider purchasing products -- such as EcoSalt and Calcium Magnesium Acetate -- that reduce the release of chlorides into the environment.

Remember, by taking advantage of WMSPC Master Services Agreements, you add to the purchasing power of the group, help drive the market for environmentally preferable products, and thereby help reduce negative environmental impacts in West Michigan. Please take a look at the Purchasing Power section to see how our purchases translate into environmental terms.

WMSPC recognizes that garnering maximum financial and environmental benefits from your purchasing decisions often involves a training component. For that reason, WMSPC is teaming up with the Responsible Purchasing Network to provide members with a workshop about procuring, using, and managing office electronics -- including metrics.

Lastly, please email plevin@delta-institute.org to share relevant events or other newsworthy items that should be added to wmspc.org and the next e-update.


Paula Levin
WMSPC Administrator
Delta Institute
plevin @ delta-institute.org
T: 312.554.0900x17  W: www.wmspc.org
Transforming the Great Lakes region into the
vital center of an emerging green economy.

Green Office Electronics Workshop & Recycling Event


Please join the West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium
and the Responsible Purchasing Network for a

When: Wednesday, Sept. 16 8:30-11:30 am

Where: Cascade Engineering Learning Community

3400 Innovation Court
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Tel #616-975-4800

Parking is on the West side of the building.
All visitors must use the main entrance on the North side of the building.
Show I.D. -- Business cards will suffice.

Target Audience: Facility managers, office managers, maintenance personnel, IT staff

What: Learn about energy efficiency standards, technical specifications, best practices, policy implications, staff engagement, measuring progress, and recycling electronic waste. Comprenew will be on site to collect your acceptable e-waste (PDF).

RSVP:Capacity is limited, so please reserve your place by contacting Vanessa at vroanhorse@delta-institute.org or 312-554-0900 x 10. Be sure to indicate the number of people attending, including first name, last name, title, organization, telephone number and email address.


NEW PRODUCTS - Environmentally preferable deciers

WMSPC is proud to announce that it has awarded two vendors with Master Services Agreements for environmentally preferable granular deicing products.

Next week's website updates will include more detailed information about the products. In addition, members will be able to view consortium pricing by visiting www.wmspc.org and logging into their WMSPC account. 

Cryotech's CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) is a chloride-free product used in large part to reduce the corrosive effects of chlorides on bridges, parking decks, and other capital-intensive infrastructure, as well as the 'burning' effects of chlorides on vegetation.

Wellspring Management's EcoSalt, GeoSalt, and Ice Ax are sodium chloride products blended with GEOMELT -- a sugar beet-based accelerator that improves the melting capabilities of salt, and thereby results in an overall salt usage reduction of 20-30%.


Currently, all orders are priced for delivery direct from the vendors to WMSPC members. Because there may be smaller-volume purchasers that wish to take advantage of these environmentally preferable products, WMSPC is working with the vendors to find local re-sellers and distribution points.

So that WMSPC can gauge interest and aggregate potential small purchases, please email
plevin@delta-institute.org if you are interested in procuring less than a pallet of these products. (Bags are 50 lbs each, and a pallet contains 48 bags.)


PURCHASING POWER - WMSPC'S Environmental Impacts


Between October 1, 2008 and August 12, 2009, WMSPC members have purchased over 138,000 lbs. of recycled content paper.

When compared to this quantity of virgin paper (using the
Neenah Paper calculator), this translates to saving:

  • 229,772 lbs. wood. A total of 734 trees that supply enough oxygen for 367 people annually
  • 335,530 gallons of water. Enough water to take 19,508 eight-minute showers.
  • 233 million BTUs energy. Enough energy to power an average American household for 931 days.
  • 69,667 lbs emissions. Carbon sequestered by 808 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.
  • 20,372 lbs solid waste. Trash thrown away by 4,428 people in a single day.

Be sure to check out the variety of 30% PCW colored paper offered by Quimby Walstrom to WMSPC members at discounted prices.

To view all your options, Log In at
www.wmspc.org and click on "complete list of Quimby products."


WMSPC in the News


Case Study - The Responsible Purchasing Network has highlighted WMSPC's work of getting its members high quality, environmentally superior paper at competitive prices. To download the article, please visit WMSPC in the news.


Contact Information


Paula Levin
WMSPC Administrator
312-554-0900 x17


The West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium (WMSPC) is committed to developing and providing access to professional procurement contracts that support sustainable purchasing in the West Michigan community. Key goals of the WMSPC, particularly for the lower Grand River watershed area, include improving regional environmental quality and stewardship, growing local economies, and increasing social responsibility.